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  PraEis, Ltd. Brings Energy Saving Technology to their Industrial Client Base

In the power industry PraEis, Ltd. is focused on Gas Turbine Power Generation; Cogeneration-Distributed Generation/Combined Heat and Power (DG/CHP) and Emissions from Coal Fired Generation Plants (Flue Gas Desulphurization-FGD) as a Design Build General Contractor.


The PraEis, Ltd. team has been involved in the design build process of simple cycle peaker facilities providing over 500MW of power for large power generators and they are also focused on the distributed generation and combined heat and power technologies (DG/CHP). This additional focus allows PraEis, Ltd. to help their industrial clients reduce their reliance on their local electricity generator and inevitably to help them manage energy in a way which will provide them with significant cost savings. Distributed generation power sources range from


gensets with outputs of less than 100KW to turbines rated up to 20MW.


Up to forty percent of a commercial customer's energy bills can consist of demand charges. Customers utilizing DG resources can measure, analyze and manage their energy generation and consumption systems in real time so they can more efficiently operate and maintain their facilities by using cost curves to deploy assets and meet price curves.


At first most vertically integrated electric utilities view distributed generation (DG) as an unprofitable market segment and many times they view it as a threat to their traditional business as well as to their transmission and distribution systems. There are, however, several electric utilities across the country who have embraced distributed generation (DG) and are utilizing it where they have poorly performing circuits, such as in undersized substations where a 1 to 2 MW increase in power is all they need. The DG solution allows them to hit their peak period needs and defer the capitol investment-which saves everyone money.


Over the past four years about 200,000 MW of new gas fired generating plants have been built, significantly increasing demand for gas while prices continue to rise. Demand for gas is rising and the U.S. gas production is declining. Spot market gas prices climbed to above $6.00/MMBtu in June of 2003, which is almost double the level of a year ago.


PraEis, Ltd. has developed extremely successful teaming arrangements with local and national firms who can provide the most cost effective, engineering, equipment procurement and construction solutions for your projects such as Swisher and Associates, Acres International, The Atlantic Projects Company and Encorp. The PraEis teams are chosen specifically for projects based on their cost effective lump sum design build methodology. Their ability to perform cost effectively is due to their low internal overhead and their specific experiences and abilities to manage the Design Build process with the most effective labor and project rates.


It is with this philosophy that PraEis, Ltd. moves forward assisting clients with value added technology as a Design Build General Contractor.

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