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  General Information:
  Company/Plant Name:
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  PraEis, Ltd.
  Attn: Lori Standen
  Business Relations Representative
  15830 Foltz Industrial Pkwy, STE A
  Strongsville, OH 44149
  440-879-4100 phone
  440-879-4101 fax
Fuel - Coal:
Fuel Components Percent (%)
C - Carbon:
H2 - Hydrogen:
O2 - Oxygen:
N2 - Nitrogen:
S - Sulfur:
Sum: 100.00%
  *Note: For each of the following data collections please use either English or SI units of measure. Both units are shown.
  Mass Flow of Fuel and Air:
  1. Full load (MCR)= Mwe.
  2. Loading(s) that unit normally operates at:  
  3. Coal Flow= kg/s
  Secondary and Primary Air:
  1. Temperature    
  Secondary Air = Deg F
  Primary Air and Coal Flow = Deg F
  2. Total Primary and Secondary Air:    
  Total Primary Air = Kg/s
  Total Secondary Air = Kg/s
  1. Individual direction and flow through each burner (if possible):  
  2. Information on the burners - type:  
  Year installed:  
  Heating Surfaces and Temperature:
  1. Superheated steam flow, temperature and pressure:  
  2. Individual square foot of heating surfaces --- reheat + superheat + economizer etc.  
  Components of Flow Gas:
  1. NOx discharge lbs/Mbtu, where taken and at what loading levels:  
  2. CO discharge PPM, where taken and at what loading levels:  
  3. Excess O2%, where taken and at what loading levels:  
  4. LOI% and where taken:  
  5. Flue gas flow ACFM and temperature (including temperature location):  
  6. SO2 discharge lbs/Mbtu, where taken and at what loading levels:  
  Geometric Furnace Data:
  1. Depth = ft.
  2. Width = ft.
  3. Height differences between:    
  Coal nozzles:  
  Air outlets:  
  Nose above centerline of burners:  
  Nose at wall to nose at neck:  
  Year installed:  
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